Suspension Lift Kits in Wilmington, NC

When you want greater ground clearance for your commercial truck, van or SUV, a suspension lift kit can help. However, you need to choose a lift kit that’s right for your vehicle, your purposes, and your desired ride height. Fortunately, when it’s time to select a suspension lift kit, Wilmington, NC professionals can turn to Van Products’ commercial upfits division. We offer quality lift kits and friendly, knowledgeable service to go along with them.


In Wilmington, NC, suspension lift kit options are not one-size-fits-all. Lift kits can vary greatly in terms of their quality and the amount of ground clearance they provide. However, we offer strong, durable lift kits made by trusted manufacturers. Furthermore, we’ll listen to your needs and help you select a lift kit that’s right for you and your vehicle.


Lift kits can help keep you and your workers protected as you go about your workday. Put more distance between your vehicle and the road below for a safer, smoother ride even when you’re traveling over tough terrain. You’ll also have a better vantage point that allows you to see other drivers and obstacles on the road.

Towing Power

If your job requires you to tow other vehicles or heavy cargo, purchasing and installing a suspension lift kit is a smart move. Lifted vehicles have a weight and height advantage that makes towing easier and safer. This allows you to tow heavy loads without worrying about damage to your vehicle or the safety of your crew.

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