Custom Van Shelving

Many professional vans contain a large amount of tools, equipment, and other work necessities. Fortunately, quality commercial upfits can help you organize your van and work efficiently. Custom van shelving is one of the best of these upfits. Well-made van shelves come in a variety of sizes, including adjustable sizes, that can be modified to meet your exact needs. And, luckily, Van Products Commercial Upfits has a range of shelving options to choose from.


When it comes to organization, van shelves can be a huge help. With shelves installed, you can designate a specific spot for each and every item you use at work. You’ll know exactly where everything is. That way, you can simply grab what you need at a moment’s notice and get the job done. In this way, an organized work van can help make you and your workers more productive, which can lead to increased profits and more satisfied customers.

Choice and Quality

Our van shelves are made to last, even in the most heavy-duty work environments. Plus, in addition to offering durable van shelves, we have a wide variety of versatile shelving options available. These include:


  • Adjustable Van Shelving
  • ADseries Van Shelving
  • ADseries Shelf Units
  • Low-Med-High Roof Shelving
  • Welded Van Shelving
  • HD Series Shelving
  • Van Shelving Accessories
  • And More


Custom van shelves are also a great way to increase safety. In the event of an accident or a hard stop, you won’t have to worry about items flying out of place. Our sturdy custom van shelving can help keep items contained, which can reduce the risk of injury and the risk of damage to expensive equipment. This is especially true if you combine our shelves with other helpful upfits, like our rugged van partitions.

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Van Products has been providing custom shelves for work vans and other reliable commercial upfits for decades. If you’d like to learn more about us, our commercial upfits, or what we can do for you, contact us today. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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