Important that you make your work van your own. Thankfully, that’s easy to do with the help of Van Products. We’re proud to offer a wide range of commercial upfits, all designed to enable you to customize your van and to make it compatible with the work you do.

Van shelves, in particular, are a very popular upfit. And, when it comes to finding excellent van shelves, Mercedes Sprinter owners need look no further than our awesome selection.

Get Organized

When you add durable shelves to your Mercedes Sprinter van, you’re not just adding in shelves. You’re also adding in the ability to be more organized.

Many modern work vans are a mess. A quick peek inside the cargo area reveals tools, supplies, and equipment, much of which is pricey, thrown about haphazardly.

If you’re guilty of having a work van like this, make a change! Use van shelves to organize all of your items and create a dedicated space for each one. You’ll discover that it’s a lot easier and faster to find what you need, which enables you to be more productive throughout the day.
Increase Storage Space
Sometimes, people are hesitant about adding a van shelving system. They’re worried that the shelves will take up too much room and leave them without enough space to store items.

However, the opposite is true! Van shelves are typically added to the walls of the van’s cargo area, allowing you to use all of that vertical space that was just going to waste before. Plus, with most shelf configurations, you’ll still have plenty of floor space to work with.

Prepare With Ease

You’ll also find that commercial van shelving can make it a whole lot easier to prepare for each job. Once you’ve determined what kind of job you’re going on and what you’ll need to do while there, you can scan your shelves to ensure you have what you need. If you notice an item missing or that you’re low on something, like nails or paint, you can add these supplies in quickly and then be on your way. You’ll never have to worry or wonder if you have what you need again. With van shelves, everything is visible, so you’ll always know where you stand.

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Believe it or not, these are just a few of the many excellent benefits you’ll enjoy when you let us equip your Mercedes Sprinter van with shelves. To learn more about these and other benefits, to explore our shelving options, or to start the installation process, contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

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