Back-Up Camera Systems for Commercial Vehicles

Increase vehicle safety and reduce liability with high quality backup cameras from Van Products.

Protect your commercial business investment with high quality back up cameras from Van Products. We are one the area’s top leaders in offering back up camera systems for commercial vehicles. From plumbers to contractors – flooring specialists to mobile vet clinics and more – we understand how important it is to be able to navigate busy roadways and densely populated neighborhoods safely.a


Features of Back Up Cameras in Commercial Vehicles

Take a look at some of the features included with our back up camera systems.

  • All Van Products back up camera systems:
  • Meet federal guidelines and safety standards.
  • Display a 10-by-20-foot area directly behind your commercial vehicle
  • Activate within 2 seconds or less after your vehicle is put into reverse
  • Offer an unobstructed view of what is behind your vehicle
  • Reduces blind spots
  • Allows you to safely attach and tow trailers
  • And more

Considerations When Choosing a Back Up Camera System

You can’t put a price on safety. When choosing a back up camera system for your commercial vehicle, the following are some of the things you should consider:

  • How well the back up camera works in low light conditions
  • The viewing area covered
  • How the back up camera attaches to your vehicle


Low light visibility

How well does your backup camera work in the evenings? Are you able to see what is behind your vehicle? Depending on the brand of back up camera you choose, you may have complete clarity as to what is happening behind your vehicle.

Low light visibility with your backup camera is something you’ll definitely want to consider if you find yourself driving to and from jobs/appointments early in the mornings or later in the evenings.


Viewing angle

How much viewing area is covered in your backup camera is especially important to those who operate commercial vehicles.

Why? Commercial vehicles are naturally bigger than regular, passenger vehicles. The bigger the vehicle, the more blind spots you’re bound to have. As mentioned earlier, having a back up camera reduces blind spots, making it easier and safer to operate a commercial vehicle while in reverse.


Attachment to your commercial vehicle

 Back up cameras are not terribly difficult to install if you’re a true DIYer. If you’re unsure of yourself, doubting your skills, or some other reason, it’s would be wise to hire a professional.

Van Products offers competitive pricing for top rated back-up camera systems. If you have questions about the backup camera systems we offer for commercial vehicles, give us a call: 919-238-4597.

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