No matter what trade you’re in, you rely on your work vehicle. It’s the place where you store your tools, supplies, and equipment. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to get your job done. What you might not know, however, is that there are a range of commercial upfits available that can enable you to work more productively. Even more importantly, many upfits can also help you to stay safe as you go about your work day.

Safer Loading and Unloading

Many commercial vehicle upfits are designed for easier, more effective storage. From bins and drawers to shelves and toolboxes, upfits exist to help you store your gear securely. However, many of these same upfits also allow for safer loading and unloading of equipment.

When smaller items are stored in van shelves or bins, heavier, bulkier items can go on the floor, closer to the doors. This means less work, less strain, and less chance of an injury when loading and unloading larger equipment. Plus, with options like ladder racks and liftgates available, accessing weightier gear can be done with less risk.

Safer Driving

When you have a lot of loose items bouncing around in the back of your vehicle, you and your employees are at risk. All it takes is one bump in the road or one hard brake, and heavy objects can go flying up and hit you, your passenger, or even your windshield.

However, with the right safety upfits in place, items can be secured to prevent this from happening. You can also choose upfits, such as partitions, which keep work equipment completely separate from the passenger area and increase the overall strength of your vehicle.

Protected Property

Upfits for safety also extend to keeping your tools and supplies safe. Lockable toolboxes, for example, make it harder for thieves to access and take the supplies you depend upon. Likewise, partitions and other upfits can keep your expensive equipment out of sight, in addition to protecting it from damage.

Learn More

You and your crew deserve to be safe at and on your way to every jobsite. Fortunately, the right commercial upfits can make this possible. To explore options for increased safety, don’t hesitate to contact Van Products. As a leading supplier of quality upfits, they have everything you need for a better, safer workday every day.