Options for Upfitting Your Ford Vehicle

Ford has long been a trusted name in the commercial automotive industry, and it’s easy to see why. Ford vans are strong, capable work vehicles, and they can be made even more so with the right Ford van upfits. To find the perfect upfits for your vehicle, all you have to do is shop the great selection here at Van Products.


Van Shelves

There are all kinds of upfits for Ford trucks and vans. However, some of the best are those that keep your work vehicle more organized, which includes our van shelves.

With our strong, sturdy van shelving units, you’ll free up your floor space, allowing you to store more cargo. More sensitive items can be stored on the shelves themselves, where they’ll be kept safe and secure until you’re ready to use them.

Plus, with your most important items organized on shelves, you’ll always be able to locate the tools and equipment you need, which increases both productivity and efficiency.

Ladder Racks

In terms of commercial upfits, Ford vans can also benefit from ladder racks. Just as shelves can free up cargo space, so can ladder racks. Ladders are big, bulky, and can take up a huge chunk of your cargo space, which may even require you to make multiple trips, slowing down your progress and affecting the day’s earnings.

With ladder racks, however, your ladders are stored securely on your vehicle, instead of in it, giving you more room to transport more cargo.


Need to easily charge tools and other important items while you’re on the go?

Thankfully, that’s easier than ever with our inverters, one of our most popular commercial vehicle upgrades. Inverters allow you to charge anytime and anywhere. Plus, we’ll get to know your specific charging and powering needs to help you find the exact right inverter to meet them.

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