Tommy Gates are hydraulic liftgates designed to work with a variety of vehicles - from trucks to cargo vans & more.

You’ve got cargo to haul, and you don’t have all day. Tommy Gate Liftgates can help you get the job done faster and more safely. As one of the leading manufacturers of liftgates, Tommy Gate liftgates are built to last and are compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

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Tommy Gate liftgates feature a hydraulic system that allows for easier transportation of cargo. Shop for liftgates for your pickup truck, service body vehicle, flatbed truck, cargo van or other types of vehicles.

Need help selecting the right liftgate? Speak to one of our team members, and we’ll help you determine the best liftgate for your vehicle.

Liftgates We Offer

You’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger selection of liftgates than at Van Products. Some of the Tommy Gate liftgates we offer include (but are not limited to) the following. For a full selection of liftgates we carry, contact Van Products today!

Pickup Truck Liftgates

  • G2 Series
  • Original series

Flatbed Trucks & Vans

  • Railgate Series: High-Cycle
  • Railgate Series: Bi-Fold
  • Railgate Series: High-Cycle GBR
  • Railgate Series: Standard
  • Railgate Series: Dock-Friendly

Step Van

  • Railgate Series: RTC

Cargo Van

  • Cantilever Series
  • 650 Series
  • Original Series

Why Choose Tommy Gate Liftgates?

Buying a liftgate from a reputable source like Tommy Gate means that you are buying a liftgate that is reliable, easy to use, and safer.

Transport your cargo in a safer, more efficient manner. Items that would have otherwise been too heavy or bulky to carry are easier to load/unload, reducing your chance of injury.

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Shop our large inventory of Tommy Gate liftgates, ask questions and more. Contact Van Products by giving us a call at: 919-863-1306. We’ll be happy to upfit your vehicle(s) with a high quality liftgate from Tommy Gate – a brand you can trust!

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