Upfitting Your Dodge Ram Promaster

If you use the Dodge Ram Promaster as a work vehicle, you’re not alone. These sturdy, rugged vans offer plenty of cargo space and many other great features that make them a perfect fit for a variety of industries.

However, you can make your Dodge Ram Promaster even more useful to you and your line of work by investing in Dodge Ram Promaster upfits, which are widely available here at Van Products.


When it comes to popular upfits for Dodge Ram Promaster owners, our van shelves are one of our best sellers, and with good reason.

Quality, durable shelving units, like the ones we provide, can help to keep your work vehicle much more organized, which, in turn, enables you and your workers to be more productive and efficient.

Plus, the right shelves can help protect expensive equipment, tools, and other items in the event of a hard brake or accident.

Flooring and Interior Liners

A clean, well-kept vehicle helps protect your investment and also projects a professional, organized image to any clients who get a peek inside of your work vehicle.

That’s why, when buying commercial upfits, Dodge Ram Promaster owners should strongly consider our flooring and interior liners.

These rugged liners can prevent spills from soaking into carpeting and make it easy to shake out dirt, dust, and debris. This equates to a pristine vehicle that should be easier to resell if you ever go that route.

Storage Bins

Our line of Dodge Ram Promaster upfits also includes storage bins, which can help you to keep even the smallest items well-organized within your work vehicle.

These bins also help keep items securely in place, which means nothing will go flying when you come to a stop or take a sharp turn. This helps to protect your vehicle, your equipment, and, most importantly of all, you and your team.

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