Options for Upfitting Your Mercedes Metris

The Mercedes Metris is a cargo van that is very commonly used as a professional vehicle across a wide range of industries. Its sleek, upscale performance and appearance make it a favorite among those in plumbing, flooring, HVAC, and more.

If you own or are considering buying this vehicle, you’ll be glad to know that, here at Van Products, we offer a wide range of specially designed Mercedes Metris upfits to make your vehicle even more useful for the work you do.



While there are many upfits for Mercedes Metris van available, one of the most valuable to many of our customers is a liftgate. A liftgate can make it easier to safely load heavy cargo into your Metris. Avoid dropping or damaging items or having your workers injure themselves with one of our lifts. Heavy materials can simply be put on the lift and are then guided into place in your van.

Our liftgates are of the highest quality and are made by Tommy Gate, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the liftgate industry.

Ladder Racks

When buying commercial upfits, Mercedes Metris owners are often in search of high quality ladder racks, and we come through on this front as well!

Ladders are big and bulky, but are often necessary for many industries and jobs. When you need to transport a ladder but don’t want to use up all of the space inside your Mercedes Metris, a ladder rack is the best solution.

We offer all kinds of ladder racks to meet your needs, including:

  • Drop-down ladder racks
  • Perimeter ladder racks
  • Load runner ladder racks

Fire Extinguishers

Our commercial vehicle upgrades aren’t just cargo-related. Many of them are focused on safety, which is the most important thing on any jobsite.

For example, we proudly offer in-vehicle fire extinguishers, which can provide you with instant access to a lifesaving tool in the event of an emergency. Whether a fire were to break out in your vehicle or at a worksite, you can grab your perfectly-mounted fire extinguisher and potentially save property or even a life.

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This is just a small assortment of the many, many commercial upfits we offer.

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