Upfitting Your Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is an excellent work van. It is well-known for having large amounts of storage space, which is perfect if you have to haul around materials, tools, and other cargo. It’s also surprisingly compact for a cargo van, which makes it easy to drive.

If you already own this vehicle or are considering it, know that you can make it even better and even more suited to your work purposes by investing in Ford Transit Connect upfits, which are available from Van Products.

Back-Up Alarms

When shopping for upfits for Ford Transit Connect work vehicles, you have plenty of options to choose from, especially if you choose to shop with us.

One great option, for example, is to install a back-up alarm. These alarms send out a loud signal whenever you or a worker backs up the vehicle or drives in reverse. This lets everyone in the vicinity know that you are backing up and that they need to clear out of the way, thus protecting everything in your path, as well as your workers.

Back-Up Cameras

For increased safety when backing up, consider installing one of our back-up cameras. In fact, out of the many commercial upfits for Ford Transit Connect vans, these cameras are one of the most practical.

They provide the driver of the work vehicle with a clear, unobstructed view of everything behind them. This means that your workers are less likely to back over important property, have an accident, or injure someone else or themselves while operating your company vehicle.

GPS Units

Another of our commercial vehicle upfits for you to consider are our high-quality GPS units.

These units not only help your driver arrive at the job site in a timely manner, but they also track your work vehicle.

If you want to know where your Ford Transit Connect is at all times, one of our GPS units will do the trick.

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